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How experienced are your coaches?

Metamorphic Development coaches hold JCTC certifications in addition to 20 years corporate business experience.  They have successfully coached hundreds of individuals at all levels within corporate and come from VP and Director level business backgrounds.  The know what works in a business environment and just as important, what doesn’t work and why.  In addition to coaching in various business entities (Fortune 500, Small/ Medium size business, Start Up, Non-Profit), we’ve worked with individuals at various points in their careers from college students to corporate executives.   Our coaches have developed a sharp eye and listening skills for how businesses get into reactive, non-productive states with bloated inefficiencies, cross purposes/goals and miscommunication — and how they can be re-engineered into a pro-active, productive and strategically focused organization.  Metamorphic Development, LLC business coaches are entrepreneurs, consultants, and speakers.



What sort of things do you work on with business owners?

Whatever the need is, however, most focus on revenue generation or people issues.  Some examples include:  corporate change, leadership, sales/marketing, employee ownership, attracting and retaining their good people, etc. (Additional information under “Services”)



What are the benefits of having Career Coaching?

If you have been downsized for whatever reason or are looking to change careers you will want career coaching.  It’s a great time for you to reflect on your career and life moving forward.  Being in career transition is not what it used to be.  The days of “get me your resume and I’ll see what I can do” are gone.  We have to be creative and willing to rethink the whole process.  Individuals who don’t have access to these services are losing to their competition in professional presentation compared to those who access the services.



How did you get into Business Coaching?

Working Fortune 500, Small Business, Non-Profit, etc. we found the overall needs to be the same even thought the scale, industry and/or environment may be different.  In addition, local business owners shared with us they needed Metamorphic Development because “they are experts in particular areas of knowledge, however, not in all areas which are needed to keep a business profitable and moving forward in changing environments”.



After I view the website, what is my next step?

Click on “Contact Us” and send us an e-mail including the information listed.  We’ll have an initial conversation (no charge) either by phone or in person (depending on your location) to answer any and all questions, concerns and determine if we would be a good fit regarding partnering together to accomplish your goals. 

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